Anavar: Benefits, Doses, and more

Are you interested in increasing your muscle mass while preventing tears or fractures? There is a safe way to maximize your gym results, recover faster between training, avoid bone fractures and protect your muscles from wear and tear at the gym and even at work by adding Anavar to your daily supplement routine. Here is all you need to know to take Oxandrolone safely and effectively.

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Have you ever wanted to have bigger muscles or just more strength and resistance to get the work done?

Anavar, also known by the name Oxandrolone is an effective oral steroid that offers a wide set of benefits for men and women in their athletic performance and physical development.

If you are looking for the best ways to effectively gain more lean muscle, and strength while preventing muscle and bone wear and tear due to strenuous work at the gym or your job, then this supplement is your way to go.

Proved to increase muscle lean mass, strength, and resistance while protecting your bones via bone mineral density growth, it counts with little to no side effects, making it a safe-to-go alternative for all your physique-related purposes.

However, before adding Oxandrolone to your weekly workout routine supplementation, let’s learn a little bit more about it.

What is Anavar and When it was Made?

Created in 1962, Anavar is a safe oral steroid that was created to increase muscle lean mass in patients with medical conditions that experience muscle waste – for example, surgery, trauma, long recovery times, chronic infections, and many others -.

Later on, was also used to help people suffering from osteoporosis to decrease their pain and enhance their bone mineral density.

With little to no side effects, Anavar became extremely popular within the medical and sports scenarios, since it can be safely used to increase muscle mass, and decrease muscle fatigue thus reducing recovery times after strenuous workout routines, preventing muscle and bone wear and tear due to heavy weight lifting, and making you stronger throughout time.

All the benefits attributed to Oxandrolone come from the fact that this steroid is a form of synthetic testosterone, a powerful hormone produce naturally in our bodies that encourage important body modifications related to muscle mass growth, strength, and endurance.

Buy Anavar Online

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Buy Anavar with Credit/Debit Card

Oxandrolone is a type of Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid (AAS) capable of promoting faster lean muscle growth thanks to its capacity of maximizing testosterone natural effect in the body by increasing protein synthesizing via improving the efficient use of nitrogen, oxygen, and amino acids.

It counts with a great level of bioavailability – which means that you can take one or two Anavar pills and their main components won’t be absorbed by the liver; in exchange, it will go directly to your blood to start working on boosting effectively musculoskeletal mass production, strength, and protection.

Since it is very safe to use, it has been an FDA-approved drug since its first release, and it is still being used for medical purposes today due to its effectiveness and next to little to no side effects for the consumer.

You can find Anavar under many names, such as Oxandrin, Anvarol, Oxandrolone, and many more; given that this supplement is widely used for many purposes: bodybuilders can make cutting cycles to burn abdominal fat while building more lean muscle, powerlifters take it before competitions to increase their strength, people with high physical strenuous jobs that involve weight lifting and carrying also use it to protect their muscles and bones from wear and tear, women can use it for weight loss or fitness workouts, and many more…

On the other hand, Oxandrolone tends to have higher prices than other steroids, given that it has demonstrated throughout the years its effectiveness for several medical, sports, training, and other purposes.

Generic Anavar can be bought anywhere on the internet, but the following are our preferred Oxandralone picks, thanks to its multiple benefits and positive changes for both, men and women:

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Anavar Before and After

As we pointed out before, by taking Oxandrolone you will achieve better results related to your muscle growth and resistance in fewer times than let’s say, if you were just taking protein shakes and following a healthy diet.

On the other hand, Anavar counts with two great benefits overall: muscle and bone protection, which comes especially handy when doing strenuous workout routines and it is crucial for athletes, bodybuilders, and muscle performers when training for upcoming competition to enhance their muscle mass and looks while cutting back the stored fat visible in the abdomen and other critical body parts.

Here, we will explain step by step what you will see right after you start adding Oxandrolone to your supplementation weekly routine:

  • Since Anavar is an oral supplement, you will be needing to take it with your meals. After a morning breakfast filled with proteins and healthy fats, you can take Oxandrolone and the supplement will be bioavailable as fast as one hour after intake.
  • Peak serum concentration starts occurring after the first hour of ingestion, which means you can take Oxandrolone two hours before training.
  • Right after that, 95% of the Anavar will be available to maximize your protein synthesis to lean muscle mass. This happens because the oxandrolone is very resistant to liver processes, thanks to its bound to protein
  • On the other hand, Anavar presents the less waste than any other steroids: only 28% of the supplement is wasted via urine
  • With a half-life of 8 hours in your system, you can do your regular training sessions to take advantage of ¨Var¨ benefits, while starting to experience progressive strength and endurance with them.

While on oxandrolone, you will see some important changes in your body, here are some of them:

  • Fat loss: Especially in the most troubled areas – such as the abdomen -, thanks to its action as an external source of testosterone that activates and increases the T3 and T4 ratio to boost your metabolism effectively. With only using 20mg per day, you may see a 4lbs in pure fat loss
  • Fat loss via Oxandralone not only limits to overall weight loss or for cutting purposes (also known as subcutaneous fat) – in bodybuilders cycles, the ¨Var¨ aids to highlight clean muscle mass -, but visceral fat as well since it decreases your organism’ insulin sensitivity
  • Clean cut muscle gaining paired with fat loss: ¨Var¨ increases the amount of testosterone available in your organism, which means that your body will be able to dedicate more testosterone to the proper protein synthesis process to build lean and clean muscle mass. While burning fat faster and effectively, you can add 7lbs of lean muscle on a 20mg per day dosage
  • Muscle strength and endurance also improve in an Oxandrolone regime: up to 44% of muscle resistance in long and strenuous muscle training. Athletes or individuals in bulking cycles – wanting to grow their muscle mass and strength – may see with good eyes the ¨Var¨. Also, powerlifters tend to take ¨Var¨ before a competition to get a boost in their strength and endurance
  •  Increase the availability of protein intake and dietary energy to produce lean muscle mass by transforming all of them – fast and effectively – in the needed nitrogen retention while boosting protein cell synthesis
  • Thanks to its low aromatizing rates, Oxandrolone will not make you look bloated via water retention, since it counts with very small estrogen transformation rates compared with other steroids, including the testosterone

Even though before and after results may vary depending on many factors such as age, weight, height, cycle stage, genetics, dieting, and training routine, here are some quick results you might see after a 5 to 6-week cycle on Anavar:

  • Beginners can gain up to 15lbs of lean muscle mass
  • 20% average increase in muscle strength and endurance for novices in the first Oxandrolone regime weeks
  • For more experienced users, you might be going from lifting 200lbs to 240lbs in a matter of 6 weeks!
  • You will look bigger and muscular, as well as more defined in arms, shoulders, and back
  •  Your muscle will look ¨cleaner¨, because you will not be bloated anymore, and your subcutaneous fat loss will make your arms and shoulders look stronger than before
  • Also, your abdomen will look more defined thanks to localized fat loss
  • In spite of losing fat from all over your body, you will gain weight that will be translated to the addition of lean muscle mass
  • You will become not only stronger, but you will also enjoy an increase in your speed and endurance: up to 29% in speed and a surprising 41% of more stamina for your training sessions and job chores
  • Your body transformation will look like going from chubby to rip in just a few weeks in Oxandrin

Anavar for Women

Anavar for Women
Anavar for Women

Given the fact that ¨Var¨ counts with the fewer side effects from all the steroids, and those side effects tend to be mild and reversible, that makes Anavar one of the best choices for women in sports, training, or bodybuilding to obtain clean-cut lean muscle, become stronger and lose weight, all at once.

If you are a woman considering using Oxandrolone to enjoy a more fitness body, it can help you with a few things:

  • Anavar will help you to lose weight rapidly while cycling
  • The ¨Var¨ will also improve your muscle tone, thus making you stronger
  • With Oxandrin you will also develop more lean muscle, and these muscles plus the accelerated metabolism will keep your fat burn rate high at all times thus making you look slimmer and fitter
  • Since Oxandrolone aids to decrease visceral fat unlike other steroids, it will reduce any insulin resistance symptoms as well as avoid the well-known steroid-induced diabetes.

Women require shorter cycles than men, and lower doses than them to avoid the risk of suffering from any masculinization symptoms.

Knowing this, consider starting taking Anavar in 2.5 o 5mg presentation, to see how your body reacts to it, and increase until getting to 10mg if needed. Doses higher than 10mg increase your chances to suffer from virilization, just as taking Oxandrolone for a year nonstop.

The first cycle can of 5 weeks, starting with 2.5 milligrams to see how your body tolerates the supplement, and you can divide these doses into two parts along with meals: one part with breakfast and the last half with dinner.

The 5-week cycle starts with a week taking 2.5mg and the other 4 weeks’ doses ranging from 5 to 10 milligrams depending on their tolerance.

Some women decide to go as long as a 6-week cycle, but we advise sticking to the 5-week method.

This cycle is great for cutting or weight loss, so take into consideration accompanying the ¨Var¨ with a proper diet, hydration, and supplementation to see the best results.

Finally, be aware of any side effects such as headaches, oily skin, lower libido, rashes, or an increase in your body and facial hair.

Anavar Dosing

Dosing Anavar (Oxandrolone)
Dosing Anavar (Oxandrolone)

Dosing will depend on several factors as we stated before: your age, the cycle you want to start, your previous experience and tolerance to other steroids, age, and overall physical condition.

You can start with a 6-week cycle and Oxandrin doses ranging from 15 to 20 milligrams a day, to check your tolerance to the supplement.

If you feel confident or see that the doses are not getting you the desired effect, you can increase until getting 30mg per day, just take something into consideration: the Oxandrolone is not a powerful bulking steroid, which means that increasing the intake to extreme levels will not get you better results but increase the risk of suffering the undesired side effects and, lately, become a waste of money.

If you are an experienced athlete, you can start a ¨Var¨ cutting cycle with 50mg to get the best results and accompany them with a proper diet and intense workouts. Just take into account to have a generous rest in-between sets; especially in the lower back when lifting heavy on Anavar.

To maximize Oxandrolone results, you can try stacking it with other steroids for a cycle instead of going solo. There are other supplements that go well with Oxandrin and can give you the desired results without pushing higher doses of ¨Var¨.

Where To Buy Anavar?

Since Oxandrolone can be found as a generic anywhere on the internet, you need to be very careful and aware of the product you are purchasing.

Buy Anavar in Gomeisa Labs USA
Buy Anavar in Gomeisa Labs USA

Anavar has become a very popular and reliable supplement for fitness and sports purposes, which makes unscrupulous suppliers start to sell counterfeit products under the Anavar name with potentially harmful ingredients or with no components at all, thus losing your hard earn money in these scams.

One tip to avoid any dangerous situations is to avoid purchasing the product illegally from dealers because the product might be getting done in underground labs, and you would not know if they are reliable or secure enough for you.

In exchange, there are several Oxandrolone alternatives – and legal too -. The Anavar name is not used anymore – and this should be another important sign -, and is being substituted by Oxandrin or Oxandrolone.

There are several options of a pharmaceutical grade of  ¨Var¨ with the quality needed for the best results, and here are some of them:

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Buying Anavar Online With Domestic Shipping to USA
Buy Anavar Online With Domestic Shipping to USA