Top 3 Bulking Stacks for Beginners

Hey, we get it. You’re about to spend several months going to the gym religiously, but you’re still not able to get the results that your fellow gym-goers have. Let’s just say we have a series of supplements that can help you get that physique you want – bulky, defined, strong – in no time. Today, we’re bringing you the best selection of bulking stacks for beginners, so you can become powerful in very little time

Right now, the main goal is to become and look healthier and stronger than ever before. 

This growing trend has been amplified by the current health events, which means that more men and women are having a renewed interest in looking and feeling great.

As a consequence, now we can see more men and women hitting the gym to perfect their bodies but, some of them are not getting their desired results, even after weeks of being religious with their workouts and their food regimes.

In those cases, opting for the use of supplementation might be the perfect way to trigger your organism’s natural response to produce more lean muscle mass, increase your strength and stamina and give you the ripped look you were looking for in less of the time expected.

If you are new to the steroid field, here we will give you our Top 3 recommendations for bulking supplements and stacks that a beginner can use to maximize its overall gains in mass, strength, and performance.

Thanks to our thorough research, you will learn what to use, how to use it, and what to expect of each of these compounds.

So, Let’s go!

The best bulking supplements for beginners

If you are a body enthusiast that is looking for some important improvements in your physical performance and looks, with these supplements you will get your expected results plus attain the tolerance needed for trying more elaborated bulking stacks in the not-so-distant future.

Specialists say that these top 3 bulking supplements are safe to use for many beginner weight lifters, considering their risk/reward ratios.

#1 Anavar

The leader of this category is a very well-known cutting steroid within the bodybuilding community; especially when preparing before an important competition.

And that is because, even though it is an anabolic steroid, its anabolic effects are considered ¨mild¨ when compared with other components; nonetheless, the gains on ¨Var¨ will be all lean muscle mass, with pronounced vascularity and muscle tone.

At the same time, Oxandrolone will help you to shed the extra pounds of stored fat and retained water; thus giving a complete physical transformation that a beginner will love to have.

Besides, it possesses low androgenic effects – no gyno issues for men or virilization for women -, and it can be taken orally.

Now can you see its advantages?

You can expect to gain at least 15lbs of pure lean muscle within a 6-week cycle. Start with 15 milligrams per day for the first 3 weeks, and increase to 20 milligrams for the last 3 weeks of the cycle.

Women should take ¨Var¨ for 4 weeks and with 10mg doses to avoid further issues.

#2 Nandrolone Propionate (Deca Durabolin)

¨Deca¨ is another highly popular steroid among bodybuilders.

Muscle gains are very significant, as well as the increase in strength, collagen, endurance, and stamina. It also aids in faster recovery and protects your muscles and joints from any possible injuries from highly strenuous workouts.

Many muscle builders tend to use it to increase their lean muscle mass. With Deca, your muscles will look thicker and fuller than ever. 

Deca Durabolin is also less androgenic than other steroids, which means less water retention, and fewer gyno worries. Since it is also not c-17 alpha alkylated it counts with minimal liver risks.

Nandrolone is so good because it increases nitrogen retention in muscles, but beware! It can take some time to see the results – compared with other compounds -. It is needless to say, it is worth the wait!

You can make a single cycle of 6 weeks with 100mg of Deca, wait for the results, and perhaps start another cycle with doses between 200mg to 300mg being extremely careful about natural testosterone levels drop.

#3 Dianabol

And last, but not least, an old-time favorite, Dbol.

This steroid was supposedly used by the ‘Austrian Oak’, aka Arnold Schwarzenegger, helping him to win Mr. Olympia quite a few times – 7, actually -.

It was one of the first steroids created solely for performance-enhancing purposes, as well as physique-related properties.

Dbol is less androgenic than Testosterone, but it retains the same anabolic effects – greater strength, endurance, stamina, bigger muscles – while keeping off the risk of developing prostate enlargement or male pattern baldness.

Dianabol is considered the father of ¨raw power¨ and is often advised for intermediate gym goers or athletes due to its cardio and hepatic effects.

Nevertheless, Dbol can give you a dramatic boost on your looks by adding between 25lbs to 30lbs of lean muscle mass in only one cycle! Here is how you have to take Methandrostelonone to add more horsepower and muscle to your machine:

For a 6-week bulking cycle, start with 20mg of Dbol per day, and increase up to 25mg daily for the next 4 weeks of this cycle to achieve top results.

Top 3 bulking stacks for beginners

The following bulking stacks are suitable for starting to combine two very efficient compounds to maximize their capabilities in the shortest amount of time. 

Take into consideration that after using these bulking stacks is always needed a proper Post Cycle Therapy, or accompany them with proper SARMs to keep any gyno risk at bay.

Let’s start!

#1 Deca Durabolin and Dianabol

This is number one of our Top 3 bulking stacks for beginners for many reasons: 

  • It can be done with very low doses
  • It is extremely effective due to the success rate of each of the compounds
  • It is the best way to introduce your body to more potent compounds or stacks

This bulking stack was very popular in the golden era of bodybuilding. Some people state that was the powerful mix that led Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others to win several competitions back in the 70s. 

With an 8-week bulking stack cycle, you can combine between 200mg to 400mg of Nandrolone with 10mg to 20mg per day of Methandrostenolone.

Start at 200mg for the first 4 weeks, and increase to 300mg for the other 4 weeks. Or, if you are an intermediate user, make the whole cycle with 400mgs of Deca.

10 milligrams of Dbol are added daily from the 3rd week until the 5th week, and then the dose increase to 15 milligrams daily for the last 3 weeks. Intermediate users can go from 10mg the first 2 weeks – starting at the 3rd week of the cycle -, to 20mg from the 5th to 10th week per day.

#2 Dianabol and Testosterone

Testosterone and Dianabol are both very powerful steroids with very strong anabolic properties that will make you achieve very dramatic lean mass gains in no time.

Experts say that this bulking stack is suitable for intermediate to advanced users, so consider if you already count with prior steroid experience.

You can use this killing combo in a 10-week bulking stack cycle starting with Testosterone at 100mg for the 1st week, between the 2nd and 5th week you will take 400mg, weeks 6th until 8th will be 500mgs until getting 200mgs for the last week. 

Dbol will be taken by 10 milligrams daily from the 3rd week up to the 4th week, and then increase to 20 milligrams per day for the rest of the cycle – 6th until 10th week -. 

#3 Dianabol and Anavar 

This is a very peculiar stack, considering that ¨Var¨ is popular for cutting cycles while Dbol is the top best for bulking.

Nonetheless, and as you learned before, Anavar can provide steady muscle gains while burning stored fat; in the meantime, Dbol will maximize those gains while prevailing the capabilities of the Oxandrolone.

This duo is perfect since Anavar is a well-known mild steroid that will decrease the risk of androgenic side effects while keeping liver and blood pressure off the unnecessary extra strain.

Lastly, be aware to take extra rest after strenuous workouts and in-between sets, since it will be very much needed.