FAQs – Domestic Steroids

If you are left with any questions you can write to us to the online chat.


domestic steroids shipping faq gomeisa labs
Domestic Shipping to USA

Do you ship to Colombia?

Yes, visit our steroid store in Colombia, we have a steroid warehouse in that country.

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes, we have shipments to Canada, the prices are the same as on this website but in CAD.
Shipping time is normally 1 week.

How long it takes to ship to the USA?

Gomeisa Labs delivers your anabolic steroids in 2-4 business days.

Do I have free shipping ?

Yes, you can order your trusted anabolic steroids and for purchases over 49 usd, shipping is totally free.

Do you have domestic steroids shipping?

Yes, we have domestic steroids shipping to USA.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

To change or modify your address you can do so only on the same day I place the order, if your order has already been shipped we cannot help you, please verify your address before shipping the order.


Buy Steroids with card
Buy Steroids With Card

What payment methods does Gomeisa Labs accept?

– Bitcoin (BTC – USDT)
– Credit/Debit Card
– Cash App
– Zelle

Is it safe to pay by credit/debit card ?

Yes, we use a payment gateway to process 100% secure credit card payments.

How can I pay?

It is very easy to buy with us:
1. Add the products to the cart in SHOP STEROIDS
2. Put your shipping information
3. Choose your payment method
Finish your order and wait for us to send you the data to make the payment (or write to us by chat to provide them immediately) and receive your domestic steroids in the shortest possible time


Guarantee and Refund Gomeisa Labs
Guarantee and Refund

What if the products arrive broken or in bad condition?

We forward to you at no additional cost the products that arrived in bad condition.

What if USPS is wrong and doesn’t deliver the package?

If USPS is wrong and does not deliver your package you should call them and tell them that the error is theirs so that they can deliver your package to you, in this case we do not respond as the error is from USPS.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.