Tbol vs Dbol, Which is better and why ?

Turinabol and Dianabol are both very popular and important sport and performance enhancer supplements used to increase effectively muscle mass, and overall strength. These steroids are mainly used for cycling before important competitions, and both of them possess individual abilities that you can explore depending on your fitness or performance goals

Tbol vs Dbol

Tbol and Dbol – as they are widely known within the bodybuilding and sports circles – are both very popular and effective anabolic steroids used to increase muscle mass, overall strength, resistance, and stamina.

Even though Tbol is a direct derivation from Dbol, Turinabol counts with its own set of benefits and capabilities to give athletes the push needed to outperform, especially when preparing for their upcoming competitions.

In this article, you will learn everything about these supplements so you can decide which one is better for your fitness or performance goals.

About – Tbol vs Dbol

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Turinabol 10mg

Turinabol, scientific name 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, is an oral anabolic steroid derived from Dianabol, with the addition of clostebol. These functions mean that the anabolic has a relatively high anabolic potential, while its androgenic effects (male characteristics) can be considerably reduced.

Basically, in testosterone, carbon 1 and 2 double bonds are added which alters its properties so that it becomes more anabolic than androgenic. Finally, a methyl group is added to carbon 17, which makes it a 17 aa substance, so that the liver can metabolize it without problems without being destroyed.

Tbol is one of the few steroids developed solely for competition and sports enhancement purposes.

Released mid-60s to be used by East Germany’s athletic team to gain an unfair advantage in the Olympic Games as a part of a state-sponsored doping program known as “State Plan Research Theme 14.25”, it was administered by 10,000 athletes in which were men, women, and kids who experienced an impressive increase in muscle size, strength, and endurance.

Turinabol came to see the light because German scientists notice that Dbol caused incredible amounts of water retention and other health-related complications after being created and used by Olympic athletes under the guidance of Dr. John Ziegler.

Scientifics achieved a better compound by adding clostebol to Dianabol – a less potent steroid mostly used for cosmetic purposes – to retain Dbol benefits and decrease its side effects; which is why Tbol is also known as ¨baby Dbol¨ or ¨Dbol without bloating¨.

However, the modification made Tbol less anabolic and androgenic. Nonetheless, you will experience lean muscle gains, but they will be dry and hard muscle as well as more sustainable in time.

Since then, Tbol has been successfully used to increase muscle mass, and strength in those who take it; and although it does not increase muscle mass dramatically, the strength they acquire is, and the duration of both strength and muscle mass is long-term.

This is a drug that is metabolized in the liver, has a half-life of 8 hours, and is excreted via urine and sweat.

The main difference between Tbol vs Dbol, relies on that Turinabol does not retain liquids, due to its short half-life the hepatorenal damage is lower, and as a monumental decrease in the androgenic levels it manages, so it maintains the levels of testosterone and androgens in a relatively normal state.

No chloride is used in this drug, so it has no direct interaction with aromatase molecules; this means that its excretion is practically 100% so the possibility of side effects is minimal.

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Dianabol 25mg

Dianabol, also known as Methandrostenolone, or Dbol is one of the oldest steroid compounds ever made, and it is still FDA approved as a Schedule III level drug.

Dbol is extremely popular among amateur and professional fitness enthusiasts and sports players since it can bring massive muscle gains with or without training.

It is fast, effective, and highly recommended for bulking cycles as well as suitable for any level or gender of gym goers – beginners or experts, man or women -.

Methandrostenolone is better known to promote muscle growth via boosting protein synthesis and IGF levels as a Central Nervous System stimulant.

Dbol also accelerates the regeneration of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), stimulates phosphocreatine resynthesis from creatine phosphate, enhances nitrogen retention, and improves your calcium and potassium levels.

Both steroids can be found in the #1 steroid warehouse in the USA in oral and injectable forms and your dosage and cycle will depend on your fitness goals.

Side Effects – Tbol vs Dbol

Since Dianabol counts with stronger anabolic and androgenic abilities than Tbol, you will experience a higher risk of developing masculinization side effects, in which you can count:

  • Acne
  • Voice changes
  • Increase in body hair growth
  • Fluid retention
  • High blood pressure
  • A boost in your sexual desire
  • Liver damage
  • Some signs of gynecomastia

On the other hand, even though Tbol does not count with side androgenic effects, it counts with other signs to be careful of:

  • An increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease due to high ¨bad¨ cholesterol levels
  • Low natural testosterone levels – if your cycles are long and don’t do proper PCT –
  • Decreased sexual libido.
  • Blockage of sweat pores
  • Might bring extra strain to your liver
  • Hepatopathies
  • Renopathies

Both compounds may also cause hair loss and oily skin that can bring acne breakouts.

Which one is the best Tbol vs Dbol?

Which one is the best? Tbol vs Dbol?

The answer (tbol vs dbol) will strongly depend on the purpose you will give to each of them.

For example, experts say that Tbol is highly recommended for pre-competition preparation, as well as for more experienced users with an established steroid tolerance that is looking to boost their performance or physique for upcoming events.

Conversely, they also say Dbol can be used by almost everyone that is looking to improve their physique while hitting the gym. Dbol will speed up your muscle gains and give you extra strength, and endurance which is why you will start seeing results even after a short amount of time – since 3rd dose -.

However, Tbol is capable of bringing great muscle and strength gains at a steady pace, and those muscles will look more refined, hard, fat, and water free than with other compounds. You can start seeing results on Turinabol as soon as the 4th week of cycling.

Even though Dbol will give you dramatic gains in almost no time, you may lose up to 50% of those gains after cycling since most of the puffiness came from water and fat retention. In this sense, Tbol is superior, since it will give you lean muscle at a steady pace; perhaps not as big as Dbol does but these gains will remain after the cycle ends.

As for pricing, Tbol is more expensive than Dbol, but the price comes with a safer option to build lean muscle for the long run, without experiencing water retention and other androgenic-associated complications.

Still, Tbol is mainly focused to improve strength and endurance; as a performance booster focused on elite athletes that are looking for one last push before an important competition. Swimmers, baseball players, MMA fighters, gymnasts, sprinters, and weightlifters use Turinabol thanks to its ability to keep the maximized results after cycling.

will help you to gain muscle mass, overall strength, and endurance while promoting stored fat loss. It also aids in enhanced vascularity while having few androgenic side effects.

This means that you can use Tbol not only as a performance booster for cycling but also for cutting cycles; especially in bodybuilding prior to staging thanks to its hardening muscle look it offers.

¨Baby Dbol¨ can be used for beginners and they can expect a satisfying lean muscle growth rate of 15libs or more; but in the case of more experienced users, these results are very unlikely.

As we explained before, if your main goal is to gain more volume, Dianabol then is more efficient for bulking cycles since it’s more potent and will give you bigger gains than Tbol.

Dianabol also offers a bigger boost in aggression, stamina, overall strength, and endurance than Tbol due to its higher androgenic content, which will make you look – and feel – better in a very short time.

Lastly, Tbol is better suited for elite athletes often tested for steroid use, since it can be more efficiently eliminated via sweat or urine in its totality since its metabolites are completely excreted faster than Dbol metabolites.


After the previous comparison on Tbol vs Dbol, Both Turinabol and Dianabol came to revolutionize the sports performance and gym world thanks to their incredible testosterone-boosting abilities.

With Tbol used widely among high elite athletes like the UFC fighter Jon Jones for boosting their performance at important competitions, Turinabol is the go-to choice to upgrade your game at any level: hard rock muscle, aggressiveness, stamina, endurance, and strength without the bloating and the gyno that some steroids than to give.

Easy to consume and with gains that will remain even after cycling, Tbol has been highly valued among sport and bodybuilding circles thanks to its low side effects, speed of disposal, and ultimate efficiency in delivering outstanding results when needed.

Nonetheless, Dbol is preferred by many thanks to its dramatic muscle gains, attractive prices, and easiness of consumption: orally or injected, you will see results in a very short time, and it can be safely used by amateurs looking for a simple bulking cycle to maximize their gym routine and results.

Dianabol is the go-to for bodybuilders in pre-competition stages that can stack along with SARMs to control the undesired side effects while protecting the gains and giving the physique wanted for outperforming.